"Our kitty Mutsa LOVES his new toy !! :D"
Emme, Corvallis Ore., gets her turn with a new Deluxe...
then Farley Bud gets his turn!

Pipsqueek - Redway, Calif.

My cat, Willis Gray (above) has never had much of a reaction to catnip, but then a friend gave me your Hot Cats catnip toy.   He was sleeping on his favorite chair and I set it next to him.   The package wasn't even open yet but he actually woke up with his nose sniffing like crazy.   He went right to it and started trying to rip it open.   I grabbed my camera and have attached the cute photo.   It is now his favorite thing in the world.   Leave it to Oregon to grow such potent "herbs".  J.Willis and I say THANKS for the good stuff!

Sinbad loves his HotCat - and the box it came in. He received a HotCat for Christmas even though he lives all the way across the pond in Devonshire, England!
Freddy, Corvallis Ore.- opening his Christmas Hot Cat - he saw his picture in the Hot Cat tales from a few years before! 

This is our third Hot Cats Toy!

Maddie (the white one), and Joey and Toesie, our two Abyssinian siblings. They are having a ball with their new toy; the fighting has been minimal!

Joey and Toesie

Even the Hot Cats enclosed paperwork is enjoyed!


Emma again

Lily, Muse, and Emma

Cat spat ensues!

"Poodle" and his favorite catnip toy!

16 year old LaMew turns into a kitten with her Hot Cat Links!
Meet Koshka, my 5-year-old calico. She has a catnip problem, ever since she was a kitten and got her cardboard scratcher with the little bag of catnip inside. Even putting the catnip inside multiple plastic bags didn't keep her out of it (see the attached Catnip Frenzy).

I discovered HotCats when a coworker went on a trip to San Antonio and brought back a box for my "children." Naturally, when I made my own trip to San Antonio I picked up a fresh box. Now, when anyone in the office goes to San Antonio they have to pick up a box of Hot Cats for me. It's a rule.

Koshka always claims the entire box first, no matter where I put the box. She rubs her head over all the cigars in it (I call 'em catnip cigars because she gets stoned on them) and holds one rubbing it all over her cheeks.
Then I discovered the linked Hot Cats in San Diego. Koshka really like that, she could rub it all over her entire body!...
But she still claims all the Hot Cats for herself.
Her brother Odin got to lick the ones in the last box I brought home, and little Panda Bear is allowed to play with the empty cardboard box, but the cigars all belong to Miss Koshka, and Miss Koshka alone.

And as you can see in the picture, she has no trouble asserting her claims. (By the way, the rug has catnip woven into it, as does the little red blanket square she is under.)

So thank you so much for the wonderful Hot Cats!
Therese Winters
Alexandria, VA

Sox, Ventura CA

Zack, sent in via e-mail

My cat, Quasar, loves her new toy! She drools all over it and licks her toy and if you try to take it from her, she picks it up in her mouth and runs to another room! Thanks for helping me to spoil my little girl!
Cats in a shelter in Rome, Italy - excited about one of their new Hot Cats donated by a supporter from America.


Stormy went CRAZY over her Hot Cat toy, the one thing she would consistently chase around the apt until it slid under thew radiator.   Great to see the psycho come out in a normally sedate feline...I'm ordering the Deluxe version as a special treat.   Thanks for making such a GREAT product!
Santa Clarita, Calif.

Dear Hot Cats ~
We love your products. Our boy, Sneezy, especially Loves 'em! Sent 2 Pix that show his Delight. Thanks so much for the great quality of your products.
Regards, Steve and Sneezy


Tab, again :-)

It is Christmas, and today my kitties (4 of them) got one of your larger HotCats "sausages" to share. After giving it to the alpha, I gave it to Louie, who is by far my most timid kitty. Give him some catnip though, and for wonderful moments, he forgets that he is so scared of humans. Attached are a couple of pictures I took of him today - getting blissed out with his HotCats.
Lake Oswego, OR

Abby, who lives in Tigard, Oregon, loves to steal Cosmo and Chloe's cat's toys!
Mohawk, Fan of Hot Cat Catnip Toys

Jasper Eugene,OR
Holy Catnip! Our Mom & Dad said they were going to bring a present.so we thought "oh no, another stupid cat toy we have to pretend to like", but when Mom gave us this, it was great- we had the best time ever.But Mom made us put our Hot Cat away in the middle of the night because we kept her up playing.Oh well, theres always tomorrow morning!
-Nova, Taylor, Becky, and Q -RonkonKoma, N.Y.
Shadow & Speeder
Babe - from Virginia


To whom it may concern--I've been giving my kitties your Hot Cats links ever since I discovered them in Eugene, OR when I was a student there (about 8 years ago).  THEY ARE FANTASTIC!  I've never seen any cat go as nuts for a treat as my cats do when they get one of your links.  It's unbelievable!  I just wanted to thank you on behalf of my kitties (as well as my family's kitties): Zazu, Nikko, Dante, Stella, Pablo, and Pennzoil.       THANK YOU!
Sally Winslow

Martha is age 17 & blind - and still loves her Hot Cat! ~ Dallas, OR

Norval, Dallas, Ore

Sable and Dominic sharing their hot cats!

Dominic's Favorite Present

Sable's New Catnip Toy

Parnell Levine wishes to take full responsibility for mauling the enclosed order form. He wanted to make sure we would complete it and procure more. He does not share with his friends, however. He thinks you have made a great toy.

Parnell's People (Mary & Jess) Winnetka, IL

My neighbor's neice sent his cats your catnip toys- he lives across the hall and I can't keep my cats out of his apartment since the toys arrived.
-E.B. Mt, Vernon, NY
"My cats even go crazy over the information sheet! I never want to run out of these things! Thanks,
-Joanne, Seattle, Wash.

Rose , Portland Ore. - corners the market for Hot Cats in her house.
Nightfall, from Vancouver, Wash., gets that wild look in his eyes!

Ret. Maj.Sdney St.George Smythe New Haven,Conn
The best toy/Gift I have ever found. My 3 cats heartily second that statement and anxiously await .Their (Hot Cats) are over a year old, (Loved to death and still preferred over newer inferior catnip products).

Susan, Lucy, Kirin, & Willie Monroe, WA

Thanks for making such a great toy! Everything else is just second best. I love to lick and roll on top of my Hot Cat.

Bobby Syosset, NY

Peach and McDuff,  Bremerton, Wash.
McDuff got a Hot Cat with the family tartan !

"They (Hotcats) are wonderful - my guys turn over the wastebasket to get out the wrapper!"
I gave my cats a Christmas present of 4 Hot Cats. When I was too slow in opening them all at once, Neptune unwrapped one herself. Magic jumped into the wastpaper basket to retrieve and destroy an order form...They have learned how to open the door to my home office, where I store the Hot Cats, just to run and pounce on their favorite toys!


Fat Cat

We were thrilled to see Fat Cat in Pics & Purrs when we opened our latest Hot Cat! Fat went to cat heaven in July, but we have just adopted Howard-an orange shorthair - who is carrying on the Hot Cat tradition... Thanks from Fat Cat's family.

Martha & Ron Norwalk, Conn.

Just brought home a "Hot Cat" toy we purchased in Sausalito, Ca. Our boy Neezy went absolutely delirious. He DID smell it through your packaging and the store's bag; plus, it was up on our bed. He jumped on the bed and started slapping the bag. I opened your packaging and Neezy knocked it out of my hand and jumped on it like it was a gopher! He then began to act like many of the cats pictured in your brochure. Our 7 yr old hunter-cat played like a kitten. Great product!

Steve, Salinas, Calif.


Dear Hot Cat Humans: My Name is Quiche' . I am 10 years old and I found Nirvana the day my Human brought home my first Hot Cats. My human is ever so pleased at how I tend at times to lose control.but no matter how much I lick, chew, toss, kick, and generally abuse this wonderful toy, I am unable to destroy it. So, from the bottom of my soft little pink paw pads, I wan't to thank you for this wonderful gourmet treat.  -Quiche' and M.S., Renton, WA

Mahti & Bram, Santa Monica, Calif.

Just had to share this with you...
I just got home from the Country Fair - minutes ago actually - [FullCircleHerb's note: we sell Hot Cats at the Oregon Country Fair each summer] barely have the van unpacked when I hear a crunching noise coming from the bedroom where I had just brought my bags in--here is what I found:
- my cat Lil' Guy had already found the bag with the new Hot Cats sausages, managed to pull one out of the double paper bagged wrapping - chewed/tore open the package and is already "nipping out!"
I am going to have to lock the rest of them up in a safe or high closet so he can't get to the rest of them which I bought as gifts! Haha! ~ Cheers, Brenda and Skyler, Lil' Guy, Koko, and Kinky the cats

All six of our cats get fresh Hotcats for Christmas. Here are Linkles and Maximus, celebrating.

Stevie Ray in
Cat Heaven!
I won a kitty basket with a Hot Cat toy in it. My male Tabby, 4-years-old, Kero loves it! He goes crazy and than wears himself out!!! Great toy!!! I attached the photo. ~Brianna, Poconos, PA
Dear Hotcats,
a friend of mine gave me a sausage for my cat and Mr Phat never thought catnip was cool enough for him until now. He's goin' nuts over it!!! its AWSUM!! 
Thank you!
Halle, striking a pose
Shadow likes!

"I should have listened to the woman in the store and bought two - my cats are fighting over the one I brought home!"
Jane, Boise, Idaho

Hi there,
I just wanted to write to tell you that my hot links keep getting stolen by neighborhood cats who sneak in and steal them - often I will find them in the garden or driveway!  Your toys are wonderful and the favorite of any I have ever bought..   Keep up the good work!
Jenny and Pico

Dusty, enjoying his toy in his outside condo at a shelter in Charleston, Rhode Island - he also has another to keep him amused at night, and there's another in his "going home' bag.
~from Mary Crevier, cat rescuer


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